Poem Writer

For this project I decided to use the 3 poem generators below to make changes to

Emily Dickenson’s “Ample Make This Bed” and “I Breathed Enough”

The original texts:

Ample make this bed.
Make this bed with awe;
In it wait till judgment break
Excellent and fair.

Be its mattress straight,
Be its pillow round;
Let no sunrise' yellow noise
Interrupt this ground.

I breathed enough to learn the trick,
   And now, removed from air,
I simulate the breath so well,
   That one, to be quite sure

The lungs are stirless, must descend
   Among the cunning cells,
And touch the pantomime himself.
   How cool the bellows feels!

After using the 8 syllable per line feature of Robopoem we get:

Ample make this bed' make rope
With awe' in it wait till askance rope
And fair' be its mattress inlaid
Pillow round' let aim fusillade


I breathed enough to learn hire
And now removed roux dryer
Simulate the breath so well' droll
To be quite blockader console
Are stirless must descend among puke
Cells' and touch the pistachio netsuke

Now using Heretical Rhyme Generator
and inputting the first line of each poem we get...

Ample make this bed.

And you my dear have lost the plot 

So get back in your beds! 

And Latoya's a SLUT! (A whole lot!)


I breathed enough to learn the trick

Twas Brillig and the slithy toves 

he sadly said"yes, because i'm a hick" 

'Twas brilling and the slithey toves

Finally, I chose to put the Author and Title in at                  The Title Generator. 
I think the ideas for papers are actually quite entertaining
  1. Emily Dickenson, Ample Make This Bed, and The Savage: Positing Imperialist Murder
  2. The Resistant Marginalizing The Subaltern: Emily Dickenson, Ample Make This Bed and Phallus
  3. Perverting, Challenging, Mediating: Deviance in Emily Dickenson and the Theoretical Patriarchy of Production in Ample Make This Bed
  4. Erasure and Darkness in Ample Make This Bed: Emily Dickenson Resisting Deviant Orgasm
  5. The Postmodern Savaging The Oppressed: Emily Dickenson, Ample Make This Bed and Rage
  1. Merging Ego: Masculist Intolerance in Emily Dickenson’s I Breathed Enough
  2. The Patriarchal Questioning The Oppressed: Emily Dickenson, I Breathed Enough and Vision
  3. Representation as Self: Ungendering Lesbian Serialization in Emily Dickenson’s I Breathed Enough
  4. Emily Dickenson, I Breathed Enough, and The Lesbian: Merging Historicist Dis-ease
  5. Emily Dickenson, I Breathed Enough, and The Disenfranchised: Masculizing Symbolic Murder


Three hours on a plane, good thing I had my sketch book and iPhone. I recorded the activities taking place and created this infographic…

Finally in Florida, we got ready for the ceremony…

Then had an amazing evening with wonderful friends!